Mark Lyon

HI! I am Mark Lyon, and I am a meteorite dealer, hunter and collector. Meteorites are my full-time passion. I travel to 7 shows each year (4 of them international) to display my collection, and I also travel frequently to museums, universities, and private collections, either to make sales or trades to acquire new, unique specimens that would otherwise be unavailable on the market.

I have also cultivated close relationships with many NWA dealers, so that when a new, exciting specimen is discovered I am often the first person who is contacted. I specialize in developing long-term relationships with high end clients who want to ensure they are receiving the best possible specimens at the best possible price. My goal is to make sure my clients are overjoyed by every piece that they receive, so except in rare cases – such as custom cut items or items I’ve purchased specifically for the client – I encourage my clients to accept a full refund if I ever send them a specimen that does not fully meet their expectations.



Messenger: Mark.Lyon.7967